September 10 2022 – C J


   Dopamine dressing is one of the substantial fashion trends 2022 has to occur. The runways were brimful of bright looks, from hot pink, lime green, and flashy bright yellow. After several years of uncertainty due to the covid and lockdown situation, designers pitched heavily to vibrant-hued trends for their mood-boosting power.
        A well-known psychologist said during her interview." Essentially, dopamine dressing is psychological grounding to the "look good, feel-good concept. When you wear something you associate with happiness, you embody that emotion and feel happy.
       Apart from that experts believes that vibrant colors can boost the appearance of your skin, making you look youthful. Bright and bold colors will not only offer cheer on the dullest of days but, if chosen well, they’ll enhance and warm your complexion, giving your visage a new radiance and glow and feel happy for the entire time.
"It's never too late to update your wardrobe gorgeous! let's get trendy, Be the trend."